Phone Scammers

I love money scam telephone calls, I eat them for breakfast. When they tell you to go to Walmart and send them $450 so you can get your $950,000 and a Range Rover you know its not kosher. Hint they ain’t real, they are lazy assholes trying to make an illegal buck off you (my mom this time). We got this call this morning from a fake lotto that said my mom had won all these neat things but the dude seemed concerned when he heard me in the background (mom wasn’t alone and he wanted to know who it was and what my motives were). We messed with him a bit, and then I took over and it was fun when the guy asked for the $450 and I told him it was a money scam and hung up on him. Denied! Anyone that gets a call from someone saying they are with the Washington Lotto and they tell you that you have won money and a Range Rover but they need $450 before you can get these fake winnings. DO NOT send them money! Lottos do not work that way. Also, the dude kept calling mom and me sweetheart. EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW! I think he thought elderly women were senile and women in general were stupid, dude needs to get educated. My IQ is much higher than his and my BS meter is always on.



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